A downloadable experience for Windows

A prototype VR experience where players can customise a character’s hair style using interactive tools.


  • Shortening – Reduce hair length with scissors or do wholesale changes with a shaver.
  • Lengthening – Hair too short? No problem, just use the magic growth spray to grow more hair!
  • Colouring – Spray the characters hair unique colours.  Also apply a layer of glitter for that added bling!
  • Adornments – Bring out the inner fashionista by attaching various objects to a character's hair.
  • Drying – Use the blow dryer just for fun as well as to remove adornments and glitter.
  • Brushing - Customise the look further by brushing  hair into various directions.
  • Selfies – Take snapshots of your creation or yourself using the in-game camera.
  • Music whilst you create – Alter all things audio using the in-game radio.
  • Socialising - Supports cooperative multiplayer.

System Requirements

HTC Vive or Oculus Rift

VR Ready PC that meets HTC Vive or Oculus Rift minimum spec.

Windows 8/10 64-bit.

Release Notes

0.11.0 - 2019-02-25


  • Support for the characters to appear talking independently of the current animation that is playing.
  • Added the open/close sign object to the game mode to allow the user to control when the AI characters enter the salon.
  • Characters will now look at highlighted objects.
  • Characters now have personality traits. Initially this is limited to how patient they are which affects how long they will wait when being styled but other traits will be added in future.
  • Added a rotatable seat object that can be used to rotate the client characters that the AI client characters will automatically mount and dismount.
  • The communication bubbles will now rotate to face the stylist in game mode.


  • The characters now have specific voice attributes that applies to all audio played by the character, rather than randomly properties for each audio sample.
  • Updated the flow for the client being styled to ensure any conversation is complete before moving onto the next state.
  • Updated the networking spawn points in the demo scene so that characters now appear at different locations without overlapping.


  • Fixed an issue with the radio sometimes not being setup correctly and therefore not displaying the note particles.
    Wired up the network notification object in the demo scenes that will now display a message when a player enters/exits the room.

Known Issues

  • Exiting a network room as the master client and then rejoining the same room will cause a crash.
  • Dropping objects doesn't update the object ownership correctly.

Install instructions

Itch.io's sandbox may prevent the experience from detecting the VR headset when running.

If this occurs, please either disable the sandbox mode via itch.io's preferences or run the game manually from it's install location.


clipclipblow-win64-demo.zip 46 MB
Version 0.11.0 Feb 25, 2019